RAW is a pop and refreshing dating app that promotes real and unfiltered love through its dual camera feature, inspiring users to showcase their true selves and connect with others in an authentic way.

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Not outdated

Get real with RAW.

Raw encourages people to show the true, unfiltered version of themselves with daily photo updates made on camera only in real time.


This new “live” approach eliminates the need for outdated content and reduces the likelihood of ghosting, creating a space for genuine connections and the possibility of finding your true first love.

no scammers
         // no catfishing

RAW users are focused on real, present moments. to get into today’s swipe game - take a picture. The time of the posting changes every day — so the users never know when and where they'll be 'caught', keeping them on their toes.


Showcasing the daily moments and passions of others, RAW's camera feature allows you to gain insight into their unique personalities and lifestyles, while also proving that all users are real and their content is up-to-date.

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Bye byE ghosting

"No-Games Policy": openness and honesty are the keys to good karma on RAW. So we can not let you to have a bad one - please don’t disappear with no reason and be brave enough to finish what you start.


Unmatch if there’s no chemistry, but keep replying to your potential crash. And if someone is acting salty, report or block them. Respect feelings of yours and others - otherwise, they won't be able to start a new chat. We limit un-replied chats so that no one on RAW will be left in limbo.


Respect Meter: where respectful dating meets fun and insight. Say goodbye to toxic behavior and hello to learning about your potential crush's communication style.


Our matched users can rate each other's chats, promoting self-expression with respect. Who knows? You might even find that someone's "red flag" is not a dealbreaker for you. Open up, learn, and connect on RAW.

not outdated // not another fake dating app // no scammers //
// no catfishing // bye bye ghosting // non-toxic // your love for real


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