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Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions

What is RAW?

Is RAW a free app?

How old do I need to be to use RAW?

Is a phone number the only way to sign up?

Can I use RAW without sharing my location?

Why can’t I see the swipe-feed after I uploaded all my photos in a RAW profile?

How long does a new photo remain in the swipe feed?

Can I redo my photo of the day?

Where do all the photos go after 24 hours pass?

Can I snap my pic sometime later after the push notification?

Who can see my profile?

How much time do I have to send a message after getting matched with another person?

How can I unmatch?

Why do people outside of my filters appear to me on RAW?

How do I filter my search?

How to update my profile?

How can I change my name and age?

How can I change my location?

How can I change my phone number?

Why do I need notifications from RAW?

How can I change push notifications settings?

How can I delete my account?

Can I recover a deleted account?

How can I block or report someone’s profile?

Why was I blocked from RAW?

How can I unblock a user?

Catfishing Block

Are there any rules?

How do I get more matches on RAW?

What info should I include in the profile?

How often do I need to post on RAW?

Any contact information?

RAW Paralax Move 1
RAW Paralax Move 2
RAW Paralax Move 3
RAW Paralax Move 1
RAW Paralax Move 2
RAW Paralax Move 3
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