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Becoming RAW Ambassador
Becoming RAW Ambassador
Becoming RAW Ambassador
RAW Ambassadors Banner
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Kickstart your portfolio – work with us on creative content and marketing activities. Promote
your ideas, and gain valuable experience and skills. You might even have an opportunity to
land a spot on our team in the future! We’ve got you covered every step of the way.

RAW Ambassadors Im 2

Income system

We believe that hard work should always be rewarded, and that's why we
offer an unlimited compensation system. You can choose from a variety
of tasks that match your interests, and get paid for completing them!
Whether you're interested in bringing in new users, creating top-notch
content, or leading a team of ambassadors, we've got paid activities that
are perfect for you. Apply now to find out more about our full list of
opportunities and how much you can earn for each task. It's time to turn
your passion into profit with RAW!

RAW Ambassadors Im 3


At RAW, we don't think talent should go unnoticed.
We want to give you the recognition you deserve! If
you create dope content, we'll promote it on our
social media platforms, in the press, and maybe
even on billboards (with your consent, of course)
and pay you fairly for your work.


We're all about building a community of woke, vibing pals who share our values and love for having a good
time. We thoroughly vet all applications to ensure we're bringing on team players who can contribute to each
other's personal and professional growth. Toxicity? Ain't nobody got time for that.
Join us for the perks, the laughs, and the good vibes!

RAW Ambassadors Im 4


You surely can buy yourself flowers, but with RAW Ambassador Program has more to offer. That's why
we've created our Pink Token, giving you access to exclusive events, complete with welcome drinks, trendy
DJ sets, and an amazing atmosphere. In contrast, those Pink Tokens can be converted into a donation to
selected organizations. Moreover, you’ll receive our exclusive Influencers Kit and RAW Premium access. But
let's not forget the most important thing - it should be fun, right?

RAW Light Bg Type Form
Ready to join the team ?
Ready to join the team ?
Ready to join the team ?

Become 2023 Raw Ambassador!

Simply answer a few questions (with no false answers!) to be accepted into our

program and start your unfiltered dating journey with RAW Ambassadors 101.

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